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About Palmist

Shri. Anil Kumavat is a well known personality not only in his home town NASHIK but also in many parts of India. Mr .Anil Kumavat has been practicing as a professional palmist who uses Indian theories in the field of palmistry. He is also an expert in Astrology, Numerology and Indian ‘Vastushastra’ He has been practicing palmistry since Feb 1998 and have been well recognized and honored with prestigious titles of ‘Samudrik Vishrad’, ‘Samudrik Prabodh’, ‘Samudrik Shiromani’, ‘Samudrik Mahopadhyay’ and won a number of awards during his carrer as a palmist he has written palmistry books in Marathi like Bhagyarekha, Sulabh Hast Samudrik, Bhagya Darpan and runs Palmistry Training Institute which is the best distance learning Institute in India. He also takes workshops and palmistry classes. He has been invited to give lectures on palmistry by many Santha’s and clubs. His articles on palmistry were published in famous newspaper’s ‘Maharashtra Times, Lokmat, Punyanagari, Deshdoot, Divya Marathi, Dainik Sakal, Sandhyanand, Aaj ka Anand and magazine like Wruttajyot, Bhagyasanket, Amrutyoga, Saptaranga, Dharma Shastra. His clients from Various parts of the world like the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Thailand, Dubai, Germany and Spain.

Shri. Anil Kumavat is a famous palmist who is adept at predicting a person’s potential and future possibilities because of his superior Skills in Palmistry and will Help you in knowing your past, present and improving your future.


Name:– Anil Chunilal Kumavat Address:- Office 12, Gaurav Park, behind HDFC office, opp. Tibetan Market, Sharanpur Link Road, Nashik-2 Mobile nos.: – +91 9422259672,+91 9403544953,+91 8149949275,+91 9545695119,+91 7743883085 Profession :– Builder Interest :- Palmistry, Numerology, study of Astrology and Vastushashtra, research writing on Palmistry, writing, reading etc. Views:- Palmistry is that science which encourages man to change his destiny through his deeds. If the moments of birth and death decide, then the moments of enumberable incidents connecting to these two incidents have also decided. Which are these various moments and that moments have marked on man’s hand in the form of hand lines. Hand of man is the map of life. This map is useful as guide in the life journey. I thanked for to like the books so much, I have written so far. Experience:- Predictions of many persons after the scientific and deep study of Palmistry since last many years have become 100% true, writings from various periodicals, lectures at many places and guidance to the persons facing difficulties to make their life happy. Contact Me E-mail:-, Website:-,
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