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About Palmistry

The real name of Hastasamudrik science is ‘Palmistry’. It is divided in two main parts. First part is called Cheirognomy. Size of hand, division of hand, colour of hand, skin of hand, fingers of hand, nails, thumb and mounts of planet are included in it. Second part is called Cheiromancy. Lines on hand are included in it. There are six lines are main lines and eight lines are secondary.


  • 1) Size of hand and type
  • 2) Division of hand
  • 3) Colour of hand, skin, strength,
  • 4) Thumb
  • 5) Fingers
  • 6) Finger nails
  • 7) Mounts of planet on hand
  • 8) flexibility
Cheiromancy Six main lines on hand
  • 1) Life line
  • 2) Heart line
  • 3) Line of head
  • 4) The line of fate
  • 5) Line of sun 6
  • 6) Line of health ( line of mercury)
Eight secondary lines
  • 1) Mars line
  • 2) Line of marriage
  • 3) The Via Lascvis
  • 4) Children line
  • 5) Line of travel
  • 6) Intuition line
  • 7) Resette
  • 8) Griddle of venus
From Cheirognomy nature of person, his health, his likes and dislikes and his profession is understood, whereas success in life, incidents in life, high and lows in life, profession, education and travel are understood.


There are original seven types of hand. There are only five are main.
1) Square hand : neatness, future vision, self-consciousness
2) Stepping hand : Vision of beauty and attraction to sexual pleasure
3) Bumpy And philosophical hand : intelligence and philosophy
4) Very steeping hand : emotive, impractical, moody

Colour of hand and skin

1) Very light colour of skin : selfish, cunning
2) Yellow coloured skin : weak mind, fearful
3) Red and colourful skin : happy and enthusiastic, general thinking
4) Red colour of skin : angry nature
5) Very red skin : very angry nature
6) Soft skin : good nature and cooperative
7) Hard skin : hardness
8) Skin with moisture : lack of moral values, sacrificing attitude


There are original seven types of hand. There are only five are main.
1) Large thumb : strong desire, self-confidence, strong will, wise and act wisely
2) Small thumb : unstable nature, Bearing, Emotive, psychological diseases, low IQ and restless.
3) Red and colourful skin : happy and enthusiastic, general thinking
4) Red colour of skin : angry nature
5) Very red skin : very angry nature
6) Soft skin : good nature and cooperative
7) Hard skin : hardness
8) Skin with moisture : lack of moral values, sacrificing attitude


Finger of Jupiter : Things like pride, ambition, right, religiousity and prestige are understood from the finger of Jupiter.
Finger of Saturn : Middle finger of hand is of Saturn. This finger is more lengthier than other fingers. If this finger is very lengthier, then it showed serious nature, but if it is small it showed childish and obscene behaviour.
Finger of sun : Person’s love for art and nature love is understood from the finger of sun. If the finger of sun is lengthier than finger of Jupiter, such person has gambling desire. If the finger of sun is good then this person is confident.
Finger of mercury : Small finger is called the finger of mercury. This is the very small finger of the hand. If this finger is lengthier than its general length, such person has good oratory skill. If it is long, then person has desire to become visionary and intelligent. If it is thick, then the person has vision and desire to get money.

Mounts of Planets on Hand

Characteristics of mount
Mount of Jupiter : 1) pride 2) ambition  3) religiousity  4) moral  5) prestige  6) love  7) dutifulness  8) enthusiasm  9) leadership
Mount of Saturn : 1) bearing  2) seriousness  3) like justice  4) intelligence  5) work hard  6) wise  7) balanced mind  8)religious
Mount of Sun : 1) art   2) wise   3) intelligence   4) success   5) oratory skill   6) individual attitude   7) enthusiasm   8) versatile   9) successful   10) inspiration
Mount of Mercury : 1)scientific research   2)industrious   3)business attitude   4)cunning   5)wise   6)immediate decision 7)active   8)capacity to judge person
Mount of Mars : 1)aggressive attitude   2)fighting attitude   3)courageous   4)daring   5)enthusiasm   6)kind   7)intolerance against injustice
Mount of Moon : 1)dreaming attitude   2)idealistic   3)imaginative   4)attraction of travelling   5)attraction to secret arts   6)cool nature   7)moody nature   8)selfish
Mount of Venus : 1)beauty   2)resistant power against disease   3)love   4)art   5)enthusiasm   6)charming personality   7)kind   8)love for beauty   9)like music   10)powerful sexual desire
Mount of Harshal : Mount of Harshal has shown affairs in life and sudden changes.
1)Activeness   2)Intelligence   3)Attitude to create change
Mount of Neptune : Characteristics of this Mount are like the mount of moon planet.


It is not like to explain the description of nature from the line of hand, but past, present and future are also stated. Colour of line should be matched with the colour of hand. There is more or less difference in the colour of lines like the colour of person himself and weather of the country. If lines on the hand are cut midway, then there can be high and lows in life. There are six main lines on hand and eight are secondary.

1) Heart line :
Feeling of the person, love and moral values are understood from this line. This line is so straight, the feelings of the person is of femine nature and in addition practical mathematics is in it. If it is curved, then this person is of male nature and has emotive attitude.
2) Head line :
Grasping power of the man, his intelligence, imagination and his wiseness and general attitude is understood from this line. Head line is straight. If it is small, then personality is not developed very well. Some lines are straight and heading downwards suddenly, then one witness moody, strange and restless nature. This person is non-thinking.
3) Life line :
Physical strength, well health, health sufferings in different periods, accident, difficulties, enthusiasm in man, self-confidence, activeness and high and lows are mainly understood from this line. This line is different as per person. It is not like that if this line is short, then life is short, but life has not enjoyed properly.
4) The line of Fate :
This line has originated at lower side of the hand and headed straight to the Mount of Saturn. Many times it ended at other Mounts also. Idea about person’s dutifulness has got due to this line. In addition popularity is also understood. High and lows in profession and job are also understood from this line.
5) Line of Sun :
A line which is started from the wrist and heading to Mount of Sun is called line of sun. If there is line of sun on hand, this person has gifted with intelligence and the secret of person’s fate is revealed on its basis. Personality of this person is charming. Line of sun shows the success of the person. Man gets grasping power, interest in learning and art loving nature come due to this line.
6) Mercury Line :
Mercury line is also called a health line. If this line is not hand, then health is good. Life is upto that point where it reaches life line. High and lows in life are also understood from this line. If this line is indicative and without fault, it shows success and wealth. In addition it also shows good health.

Eight secondary lines

1) Mars line :
It has originated at lower Mount of Mars and headed parallel along life line to Mount of Venus. It is also called defence line, struggle line and war line. Bravery and resistence power of the person having Mars line is noteworthy. They will not like contempt or person trying to overcome them.
2) Line of Marriage :
The marked line among the horizontal lines above heart line and below Mount of Mercury is the line of marriage. If it is one, it is a good symptom.
3) The Via Lascivs
It is considered as assistant line of health line. It has originated in lower side of palm and reach downward to resette lines. It is considered as unasupicious. If there is nakshtra sign on this line it shows success and richness.
4) Children line :
Vertical lines on the line of marriage are children lines. After seeing the condition of these lines and what area of planet mount they touch it is understood whether the the person will get son or daughter, whether the health of that children is good or bad and whether these children can do some special important work in their life or not.
5) Line of travel :
Vertical lines on moon planet are called lines of travel. Like this horizontal lines on wrist are also called lines of travel. Some lines on mount of moon show abroad journey or water travel. If these lines are long, then the travel are of long distance.
6) Intution line:
Semi-circular line which is heading to merury planet from moon planet is intuition line. The person is philosopher if this line is on hand or it is slightly steeping or very steeping hand. Persons having this line has gift of very micro sensitivities. This person get the awareness about the future incidents of other people through mysterious or secret power or knowledge.
7) Resette :
Horizontal lines on the wrist below palm are called resette. Life and good fate are understood from resette. If there are three resettee of pink colour, person will get richness, good health and peace of mind. If these three lines are neat and clear, they show longer life and the fault of life line get removed if it is short.
8) Griddle of Venus :
Griddle of Venus is shown on the hands of those persons who are very sensitive, intelligent, unstable and emotive. This line is emerges in between Jupiter and Saturn planet and reach in between mercury and sun planet. Persons having griddle of venus are always under mental stress.
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